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US retailers desire natural refrigerant-based condensing units

USA: US retailers are demonstrating a strong demand for natural refrigerant-based condensing unit technologies, according to a new survey.

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC) conducted a survey of 13 major food retailers representing more than 17,000 US locations to characterise retailer demand for natural refrigerant-based condensing units.

The report summarises retailer preferences for CO2 and propane-based condensing unit product applications, load type and corresponding capacity ranges (MBTUs), condensing medium, as well as other considerations and requirements.

“The most significant takeaway from the report is that is demonstrates a strong demand for natural refrigerant-based condensing unit technologies in the US, with 100% of participating retailers indicating interest,” commented Danielle Wright, executive director of North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council.

Another key finding is the potential for existing stores, with almost 80% of retailers surveyed interested in condensing unit applications for existing stores. The majority are said to have  indicated a preference for CO2-based condensing units to serve medium temperature refrigerated display cases.

“The real challenge is how to accelerate emissions reduction in the 38,000 stores that exist today,” said Danielle Wright. “We need solutions that can be phased in as part of the normal equipment

replacement schedule and serve the refrigeration capacity expansion that is happening across the food retail sector today due to the rise in online shopping.”

NASRC recognises that transitioning away from HFCs to natural refrigerants is expensive and retailers need cost-effective, modular technology options that allow them to migrate their refrigeration loads and displace the existing system over time.

The report can be viewed and downloaded here.

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