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Viessmann launches 1234ze heat pump

Viessmann-350-HTGERMANY: Viessmann is to introduce a commercial/industrial heat pump using the low GWP HFO 1234ze.

The Vitocal 350-HT, launched this week at ISH, is said to be capable of providing high flow temperatures up to 90C. The brine/water heat pump can also use heat sources such as waste heat from production processes up to a temperature of 45C.

The new heat pump is said to provide heating capacities from 20 to 140kW at B0/W35C and from 40 to 280 kW at B40/W90C. Up to three compressors are used to ensure high efficiency even at part load. At B0/W35C, the Vitocal 350-HT claims a COP of 4.4. Even at high flow temperature of 90C, Viessmann says COPs of about 3 can be achieved.

The 350-Ht is expected to be available from September.

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