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Water-source HP to star at Euro summit

The Drammen district heating plant will be used as an example of the success of large-scale water-source heat pumps

SERBIA: Dave Pearson of Star Renewable Energy is to discuss water-source heat pumps with mayors of European capital cities and major investors this week.

The Star director will be attending the ‘Summit of Capital City Mayors of Central and South East Europe: Capital Summit 2015’ as a key speaker to discuss how heat can be harvested from rivers to provide low cost, zero carbon heat for the top European cities.

The summit brings together the leaders of central and southeast Europe cities, senior officials of the EC and the European Parliament, international organisations and investors. The event provides an opportunity to exchange capital ideas for the future, strengthen regional cooperation and encourage economic exchange and investment.

Dave Pearson will be drawing upon Star Renewable Energy’s experience from its involvement with the 13MW large scale heat pump installation in Drammen.

“The city of Drammen in Norway enjoys cheaper, cleaner heat thanks to a river-source heat pump,” explained Dave Pearson. “It is probably the most advanced and efficient district heating system in Scandinavia. Big water source heat pumps can deliver low cost, low carbon heating for any European city with a river. In Drammen this means 80% cheaper than gas, and 100% cleaner.”

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