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White paper covers “natural” refrigerants

ITALY: Carel has published a white paper covering “natural” refrigerants, their characteristics and refrigeration system solutions.

Available as a free download, the paper is divided into five parts. The first provides a summary of the characteristics of natural refrigerants; the second examines the evolution of cycles with natural refrigerants and the possibilities that are currently available. The last three sections describe examples of modulating technologies and high-efficiency solutions. The goal is to have an overview of the technologies available to design high-efficiency systems using natural refrigerants.

“The aim of the Natural Refrigerants white paper is to systematically bring together the results of years of study and research into natural refrigerants,” commented Miriam Solana, HVACR technical knowledge specialist. 

“Our intention with this document is to contribute to making available as much theoretical information as possible, and providing an overview of the technologies for optimising energy savings and creating systems with the lowest total CO2 emissions.”

The Natural Refrigerants white paper is available to download here.

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