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CIAT updates ahu range


EUROPE: CIAT has launched a new range of air handling units, the result of 10 years research and development.

The ClimaCiat range is available in three models – Airtech, Airclean and Airaccess, and features innovative, energy-efficient, and easy to install units for a variety of commercial applications.

The new range is certified to perform to the latest European standards (EN 13053 and EN 1886) and designed to meet future regulatory requirements applicable from 2018. This fully modular range features the most recent technological innovations, and is said to boast more than 26 functions that can be customised to meet specific customer needs.

A wide range of tests are possible at the company’s research and design centre in Culoz, France.

“We reproduce climate conditions as close to reality as possible through sun or rain exposure tests and take into account these external elements to study the behaviour of different materials and make the optimum choice,” revealed r&d director Jean-Michel Navarro.

“Tests are performed on mechanical deformation, airtightness and the insulation of panels, or the air flow over the heat recovery units, for example, enabling an optimal level of energy efficiency and indoor air quality to be reached.”

Control over the entire manufacturing process enables CIAT to offer its customers a  range of solutions, making ClimaCiat available as single-flow and dual-flow horizontal units for indoor installation or outdoor installation with canopy and weather-resistant protective accessories.

ClimaCiat Airtech, the flagship model of the range, comes in nine sizes, initially, with air flow rates of up to 30,000m³/hr. Options include double wall construction and 50mm insulation for extra noise attenuation, polyester-coated exterior panels, low thermal bridge construction, doors on frames with large handles and adaptable control systems.

The Airclean variant is the air-handling solution for controlled environments such as clean rooms, medical facilities, pharmaceutical industries and microelectronics. It is specifically designed to satisfy the particularly high requirements of ultra-clean environments: decontamination, airtightness, absolute filtration and easy, minimal maintenance.

Airaccess is CIAT’s solution for multi-use commercial buildings. It is designed to achieve the highest performance levels in complete compliance with the relevant standards and regulations.

A CIAT electronic control unit is now available across the entire range. This control unit can be connected to any building management system to optimise the energy efficiency of each unit by regulating its temperature and humidification or dehumidification levels and by managing its fans, filter fouling levels and water coils. This control function is fully integrated into each unit (box, wiring, sensors, etc.) and can be easily selected using the dedicated software and tools. A packaged plug and play version is available on request.

Energy-efficiency was a major consideration in the design and development of the entire ClimaCiat range. The result is a range of AHUs that offer heat recovery ventilation units, ranging from rotary heat exchangers with efficiency levels of 75-85% and plate heat exchangers with efficiency levels of 60-85%. Ten different types of filters are also available in sizes that limit pressure drops.

CIAT also offers CiatM2M, a service offering around the clock monitoring of facilities and equipment


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