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Variable speed R290 monoblocks show 14% savings

JAPAN: A new range of Daikin cold room monoblock refrigeration units are said to have shown around 14% energy savings using Embraco’s FMFT variable speed R290 compressors.

A field trial with the soon to be launched Daikin LMSEY unit is said to have shown 13.6% savings in comparison with a fixed speed similar solution also running on R290 in medium temperature conditions.

The dual voltage Embraco FMFT comes with Embraco’s frequency control which allows Daikin’s appliance to regulate the compressor in accordance with the system’s cooling needs.

Embraco says that the variable speed technology overcomes temperature variations caused by door-openings much faster than the standard on/off compressor models, thus improving food preservation and potentially avoiding product loss. It also presents lower noise and vibration.

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