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31st August 2023

Panasonic’s seal of approval

UK: Seal pups at a wildlife sanctuary in the Shetland Islands are now enjoying an improved environment thanks to a Panasonic heat pump system.
30th August 2023

Heat pumps could be used to prevent potholes

UK: A project to explore the use of heat pumps to prevent potholes in UK roads has received an £800,000 research fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering.
30th August 2023

Müller trials zero-emission transport refrigeration

UK: Müller Milk & Ingredients is trialling solar panels and kinetic energy for its refrigerated trailers, as an alternative to refrigeration powered by diesel engines.
28th August 2023

Thumbs up for air conditioning

JAPAN: A Japanese company claims to have developed a means of controlling facilities such as lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning with hand gestures.
23rd August 2023

Propane heat pump in LG’s Smart Cottage

SOUTH KOREA: LG Electronics will launch a household energy management platform, including its ESS energy storage system and Therma V R290 Monobloc heat pump, at IFA 2023 next month.
23rd August 2023

Shipping container used to test passive cooling

USA: A shipping container is being employed by researchers to test passive cooling systems in an attempt to find carbon-free ways to keep people cool in extreme temperatures.
21st August 2023

Britvic chooses ammonia heat pumps

GERMANY: GEA is to supply Britvic, one of the UK’s leading soft drinks manufacturers, with an ammonia heat pump heat recovery system at its facility in Beckton, east London. 
20th August 2023

Paint reduces heating and cooling loads

USA: Scientists at Stanford University claim to have invented a new kind of paint that can keep homes and other buildings cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
19th August 2023

Lloyds banks on ground-source heat pump

UK: A ground-source heat pump has been deployed to replace three 2200kW gas boilers at the Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) building in Halifax.
1st August 2023

Toshiba Carrier cools major zoo attraction

JAPAN: Toshiba Carrier has supplied a spot air conditioning system as a crowdfunded present for one of the biggest attractions at Chiba City zoo.
29th July 2023

Cost-effective produce cooling in arid regions

USA: Researchers at MIT have developed a cost-effective forced-air evaporative cooling system in a used shipping container for preserving fruit and vegetables in arid regions.
27th July 2023

GEA to supply Heineken with £25m heat pump solution

UK: GEA is to supply Heineken UK’s brewery in Manchester with a heat pump network as part of Heineken’s £25m investment in a network to capture and reuse thermal energy.
14th July 2023

Fujitsu splits to keep site workers focused

UK: More than 100 Fujitsu R32 spilt air conditioners are to be installed in the site offices for a new £700m TV and film studio being constructed in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.
6th July 2023

Trane heat pumps are top of the class

ITALY: Trane Technologies heat pumps have been instrumental in decarbonising the heating systems of 31 schools in the Italian district of Fiumicino.
28th June 2023

Dublin DH network uses Mitsubishi heat pump and R1234ze

IRELAND: Ireland’s first low-carbon district heating network, recently opened in Tallaght, Dublin, is using a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump running on Honeywell’s low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze.
20th June 2023

GEA heat pumps in largest mine water project

GERMANY/UK: High performance ammonia heat pumps are the driving force in the largest mine water heat network in Great Britain.
14th June 2023

U-3ARC highlights challenges facing Africa

ITALY: The development of refrigeration in Africa is critical in a continent where people are dying from hunger and disease due to the lack of a basic cold chain.
12th June 2023

Aquarea with a sea view

IRELAND: Panasonic Aquarea Monobloc T-Cap air-source heat pumps have been specified for two family sea front homes in Waterford.
11th June 2023

Gas bearings operating on refrigerants

USA: A US company has been awarded patents for porous gas bearings that, it is said, could increase efficiencies in commercial and industrial cooling applications.
3rd June 2023

Fan retrofit provides sky-high savings

A fan retrofit to air handling units in a high-rise building in Dubai has helped achieve a 60% reduction in energy consumption.
17th May 2023

York heat pumps in Hamburg wastewater project

GERMANY: Johnson Controls will install four 15MW heat pumps using R1234ze(E) refrigerant at Hamburg’s Dradenau wastewater treatment plant to recover heat for the city’s district heating network.
1st May 2023

Auckland Airport on-boards heat pumps

NEW ZEALAND: Air-source heat pumps are to replace six natural gas boilers, totalling 6.5MW, at New Zealand's largest airport.
11th April 2023

Toshiba helps future-proof Cheshire house

UK: Toshiba heating and cooling equipment used in combination with solar photovoltaics and battery storage have helped to future-proof a five-bedroom home in Cheshire. Two…
11th April 2023

Energy store fridges reduce peak energy use

USA: A US virtual power plant provider claims to have successfully piloted using convenience store refrigerators for energy storage.   Maplewell Energy of Broomfield, Colorado, a…
6th April 2023

Spray cooling could reduce data centre cooling costs

SINGAPORE: Scientists in Singapore claim to have invented a more sustainable and green method for cooling data centre servers, potentially reducing energy costs by up to 26%.
2nd April 2023

Brooklyn high rise goes geothermal

USA: A geothermal heat pump system to be employed in a new development in New York is thought to be the largest high-rise residential geo-exchange system…
30th March 2023

Oval installation fails to stump Panasonic

UK: Panasonic was not stumped when recently called upon to provide a sustainable heating and cooling system for England’s legendary Oval cricket ground. Following the…