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“Adaptive” coil cleaner changes pH

UK: A new air conditioning coil cleaner is said to be able to change its own pH balance to combat whatever contamination it comes into contact with.

Advanced Engineering’s VerteX “adaptive” cleaner is a full-spectrum cleaner anchored at pH 7.6. Its formulation allows it to change its own pH balance to either acid or alkali. This adaptive dimension is said to make it perfect for use in almost any maintenance situation – both indoors or outdoors.

It is said to be able to remove any type of dirt; not just grease, fats and organic debris, but also baked-on inorganic salts, persistent scale and even rust encrustations.

Advanced Engineering says that VerteX will not damage or etch the coil surface, making it suitable for modern and lightly coated alloy coils. It also does not produce any harmful or volatile by-products and has the ability to neutralise all unpleasant coil odour from the evaporators, making it suitable for use within normal business hours.

Formulated by research and development chemists at Advanced Engineering Ltd and the University of Surrey, VerteX contains only 100% renewable surfactants, no nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) or bioaccumulative chemicals, making it non-carcinogenic, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly.

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