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Affordable LED tubes


UK: Refrigeration lighting pioneers Nualight has now launched a range of LED tubes aimed at the entry level LED and retrofit market.

Arctic is designed for refrigeration and low temperature applications but, with operating temperature range from -25°C to +35°C, it can also be used as a direct replacement for fluorescent lamps outside of colder environments.

While LED lighting is becoming increasingly more competitive, Nualight accepts that a complete new LED installation or changeover is not right for everyone – despite LED’s proven energy savings and long lifetimes.

Arctic is designed to meet this need without the need to rewire or rework a current installation.

With light output at 125lm/W, Nualight says that Arctic can save up to 80% energy of traditional systems and can be easily installed into refrigeration and freezer cases.

Nualight maintains that traditional fluorescents do not perform well at low temperatures. As the temperature decreases, both the light output and the life of the lamp can decrease significantly, the company says. Fluorescents also generate more heat than LED.

“With Orion, we were able to offer our OEM and retail partners with a price competitive and industry leading LED luminaire solution which complemented our existing and more premium Pure and Perfino ranges,” commented says David Dawkins, Nualight’s senior vice president sales and marketing. 


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