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Aircon controller specifically for shops

MelcoretailUK: Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new air conditioning control system designed specifically for the retail sector.

MelcoRetail is said to allow even the smallest shop to benefit from advanced, energy-saving measures, whilst still enabling full control and measurement across an entire retail estate.

It is said to provide a flexible and technically advanced BEMS that works in various sizes of retail outlet and is also compatible with third party equipment. A simple wall-mount design eases installation and its remote maintenance and updating capabilities minimise disruption in-store.

The system is said to improve the ability to measure and control energy in medium and small shops which may not in the past have had access to this level of sophistication in their controls.

MelcoRetail offers ethernet-remote connectivity and a SIM card connection to the company’s MelcoRemote system, allowing users to view data on energy use via any web-enabled device.

This also means that MelcoRetail can provide control and measurement across an entire retail estate if desired  providing a highly cost-effective and scaleable BEMS solution for retailers who are increasingly looking to find ways to reduce energy consumption.

The system can control up to eight M-Series and Mr Slim indoor units, and 50 City Multi indoor units, which are the most commonly-used Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning products in the retail environment.

However, the controller goes further, allowing store managers to control third party equipment as well. It offers third-party air curtain control, as well as two-stage lighting control, and occupancy sensing can be added via the stores intruder alarm-disarm or occupancy switch signal  saving on extra cost of adding sensors.

Further innovative features make use of MelcoRetail’s web capabilities. These include a built-in weather feed so no outdoor temperature sensors are required.

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