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Bitzer condensing unit for high ambients

Bitzer-LH265EGERMANY: Compressor specialist Bitzer has developed a new condensing unit with a greater cooling capacity for high ambient temperatures.

Available now, the LH265E is described as an energy efficient, extremely robust unit for low temperature application in hot climates.

While meeting a particular need in warmer regions such as Southern Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the unit will also be launched onto the market in Europe.

Depending on the refrigerant used, Bitzer says the condensing unit can achieve a capacity of more than 40kW in low temperature applications. “Even in extremely high outside temperatures, the condenser guarantees reliable operations and maintains the cold store temperature,” commented Dieter Hildebrandt, Bitzer’s manager world condensing unit.

A robust weather protective housing also makes the device very corrosion-resistant. If required, the condenser can also be equipped with fins coated in plastic.

“The LH265E was designed specifically for the low temperature application in demanding conditions,” added Hildebrandt. “This has allowed us to meet the demand for reliable condensing units in extremely warm countries as well as exploit growth opportunities in these regions.”

Different types of compressor

The LH265E can be equipped with all single-stage four-cylinder compressors and the single and double-stage six-cylinder reciprocating compressors in the Bitzer Ecoline series. The single-stage Ecoline reciprocating compressors boast high efficiency and can be equipped with capacity control. The double-stage six-cylinder compressors can also be equipped with liquid subcoolers, increasing cooling capacity and efficiency. The LH265E is compatible with all refrigerants that are authorized for Ecoline reciprocating compressors, including R134a, R404A, R407A and R407F.

Users also have the option to equip the LH265E with an accessories package comprising a pressure limiter, oil separator with check valve, and a liquid line with filter drier, sight glass and solenoid valve. The condensing unit can also simply be retrofitted with the corresponding accessories, just like the compressor.

With its impressive capacity, the LH265E is the top product in the new LHE series, which Bitzer launched at the end of last year. The condensing units are said to meet the efficiency requirements of the current EU Ecodesign Directive and offer much better air cooling than their predecessors. To increase efficiency, Bitzer has installed the fans in a revised full bell mouth that optimally guides the air stream and thus considerably reduces noise generation. Optional EC fans ensure maximum energy efficiency.


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