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Cabinet doors in glass and acrylic

The automatic-closing hinged glass door

UK: Specialist chiller door manufacturer Coolsuredoors continues to innovate with an energy efficient hinged glass door and a collection of lightweight acrylic doors.

Equipped with a tension-close mechanism, the new glass door automatically shuts from an angle of 45º or less, keeping cool air inside the cabinet.

Instead of using an overhead canopy light, durable LED lights are vertically mounted onto the new door. As well as being extremely energy efficient, converting 80% of electrical power to light rather than heat, it also improves product visibility.

Of high-spec double-glazed construction, it can be supplied either fitted to new cabinets or for retrofitting.

Acrylic doors

A recent addition to Coolsuredoors’ portfolio is a collection of lightweight, frameless, soft-close acrylic doors.

To maximise energy efficiency and stop misting, they are double glazed and feature a special protective coating on the outer skin to prevent the acrylic scratching and scuffing. 

Again, the acrylic doors can be supplied fitted on new cabinets or retro-fitted to existing cabinets.

Coolsuredoors is now offering a collection of lightweight, frameless, soft-close acrylic doors


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