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Emerson’s universal heat pump defrost control

emerson-universal-heat-pump-defrost-controlUSA: Emerson group company White-Rodgers has developed what it claims is the first universal heat pump defrost control.

Emerson says that the control offers unprecedented flexibility with selectable timed or demand defrost algorithms. Heat pumps with a timed cycle defrost at regular intervals below a set outdoor temperature. By using the “demand” defrost cycle, Emerson maintains that many homeowners will get improved efficiency and potential cost savings because it defrosts only when needed.

“Emerson Climate Technologies continues to invest in outdoor electronics supporting the heat pump market,” noted Ed Blittschau, vice president of marketing, White-Rodgers. “This product is designed to fit in virtually all single stage heat pumps, so contractors will be able to reduce their inventory with a single part that replaces over 200 OEM controls.”

Additional upgrades this product provides include reversing valve shift delay, built-in brown out and short cycle protection with integrated diagnostics to improve troubleshooting.  It tracks active faults such as low and high pressure trips, sensor failures, excessive defrost times, or a complete control failure. A fault code sticker is provided to help with diagnostics.

The control comes in a full service kit that includes the universal heat pump defrost control, thermostat and equipment control harnesses and accessories. It also includes outdoor air and coil temperature sensors that enable outdoor thermostat capabilities.

Emerson Climate Technologies

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