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Extreme efficiency from Panasonic ECOi

EUROPE: The new Panasonic ECOi EX 7 Series ME2 VRF is said to to achieve market-leading performance in more extreme climate conditions.

Three sizes of inverter-driven outdoor units are available ranging from 8hp to 20hp and capable of being combined up to 80hp.

The capacity and efficiency of the heat exchanger is said to be increased due to its use of three joined surfaces. The layout of piping inside the unit has also been optimised to ensure peak efficiency, increasing heat exchange performance by 5%.

The redesigned bell mouth is also said to contribute to the increased efficiency of the unit. The new curved shape and integrated top and bottom components ensures a smooth exhaust flow providing a much greater air volume at the same sound level, requiring less power input for the same air volume.

The new units claim very high cooling capacity in temperatures of 43ºC, while still producing significant heating capacity at -25ºC.

High European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios can be achieved. In the case of the 8hp unit this can reach 9.33 even at partial loads.

ecoi-ex-lrThe extended piping length and design has helped increase the market applications available to the ECOi EX series. Indoor units can be positioned up to 200m from the outdoor unit which is a considerable increase on previous models. The indoor unit can now also be placed up to 50m below the outdoor unit.

The total piping length from one outdoor unit has increased significantly from previous models. It can now be up to 1,000m, offering complete flexibility to installers faced with a challenging or large-scale installation.

This new range also features a two-step Intelligent Oil Management System that drastically reduces oil recovery. Sensors are installed on each compressor to monitor the precise oil levels allowing an oil recovery of up to 90%.

The indoor unit incorporates Panasonic’s advanced ECONAVI sensor to detect human presence.

The Panasonic AC Smart Cloud allows businesses to centralise control of Panasonic heating and cooling installations – using a tablet, smart phone or computer – to manage and schedule heating and cooling activities across entire networks of commercial buildings at unit level.


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