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GEA Bock adds new air-cooled condensers

GEA-Bock-SHG44eGERMANY: GEA Bock is to launch an air-cooled condensing unit incorporating the high efficiency HG44e semi-hermetic compressor it introduced last year.

The new SHG44e/-L condensing unit to be launched this month in four model sizes, covers the range of maximum displacements from 41.3 to 67.0m³/h. The units benefit from the advantages of the new compact and efficient HG44e 4-cylinder compressor.

The largest version, the SHG44e/770-4 compressor, offers almost 20% more displacement with its 67.0m³/h than the largest version of the previous SHG4 model and replaces the smallest model size of the former SHG5 range with 62.9m³/h.

The condensing units are also suitable for higher ambient temperatures.


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