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Hillphoenix offers CO2 to small retailers

AdvansorflexUSA: Pioneering US refrigeration company Hillphoenix is now offering the AdvansorFlex CO2 system to small and medium-sized retailers.

The AdvansorFlex is said to deliver all the benefits of CO2 refrigeration in a compact and scalable format that could be applied to stores of every size.

AdvansorFlex is said to be ideal for smaller retailers who want the environmental benefits and energy savings of CO2 refrigeration but don’t have the square footage for a full-sized system. Multiple AdvansorFlex units can also be grouped together in a distributed system for larger stores.

A single AdvansorFlex unit can serve as a centralised refrigeration system in smaller stores such as convenience stores, pharmacies, and smaller format grocery stores. The unit’s weatherproof enclosure allows for both inside and outdoor placement, and its compact footprint is said to take up less floor space in back rooms, equipment rooms, mezzanines, and rooftops.


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