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LG upgrades residential ac

LG-RACUK: LG has launched a new range of upgraded residential air conditioners.

In addition to a redesign, the Econo, Libero-S and Libero-R have all had an upgrade to include wifi options, low noise levels and a ten-year smart inverter compressor warranty.

Simple installation is said to be complemented by easy-to-use controls, and a large display to check the unit’s energy usage. They are also said to be easy to clean.

Low noise levels are promised – just 19dB for the 9kW and 12kW models – with fast cooling and heating.

The incorporation of high pressure blade fans is said to provide indoor air flow rates 15% higher than conventional systems. In addition, LG says the outdoor unit features high efficiency wings and a 9m long power airflow corridor. Gold-fin coating is standard.


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