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MHI to launch CO2 condensing unit

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is to introduce a commercial refrigeration condensing unit using CO2 refrigerant.

The HCCV1001, due to go on sale in April, is aimed at the cold storage and retail refrigerated and frozen food markets.

The new 10hp condensing unit employs MHI’s proprietary two-stage GSR compressor, which integrates a scroll compressor and a rotary compressor. The rotary compression mechanism, which offers advantages at low-pressure ratios, is operated at the first stage compression. The scroll is adopted at the second stage compression for the high-pressure ratios. Gas injection, featuring a gas-liquid separator in the intermediate-pressure vessel, is designed to ensure refrigerating capacity and high efficiency throughout the HCCV1001’s operating range.

Suitable for operating in an ambient range of -15°C to +43°C and an operating temperature range of -45°C to -5°C, the HCCV1001 can accommodate diverse refrigeration and freezing needs.

The HCCV1001’s maximum pipe length is set at 100m, which allows for the convenient replacement of existing units. In addition, it also facilitates mixed installations through the use of the same external dimensions as outdoor units of MHI’s multi system air-conditioners for commercial applications.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

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