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RDM offers new Intuitive controller

The Intuitive Trasncritical Superpack controller

Controls manufacturer Resource Data Management has announced the availability of an updated dmTouch touch-screen and an addition to its Intuitive range of controllers.

The dmTouch colour HD touch screen management system front end now features a 10.1in screen. The launch of the new screen is coupled with a number of software enhancements including faster browsing, optimised responsive interface, heightened graph performance, a new algorithm to further improve the data manager’s ability to highlight energy waste and enhanced language support for RDMs Data Builder PLC software.

A key addition to their Intuitive range is the new Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controller. Designed for the retail and industrial refrigeration markets, the Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controller is described as a versatile expandable controller intended for HT/LT CO2 pack, gas cooler and HT/LT oil monitoring and control.

The new dmTouch offers a 10.1in screen

Each section is individually selectable and can be set to disabled if not required. The controller can be expanded using up to 10 expansion modules, consisting of the Intuitive stepper expansion or Intuitive IO expansion module range. Building on the success of RDMs existing transcritical software solutions the new controller has similar features and functions as the other controllers in the Intuitive Control range, with a number of key enhancements.

For gas cooler and receiver control, the Intuitive Transcritical Superpack controller heightens flexibility, giving users the ability to select between 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-5v, 0.5-4.5v or 0.5-9.5v or stepper control for either or both of the two CO2 valves or any of the variable outputs, such as fan speed control. Furthermore this can be done using the same application software, allowing for the control of either HT/MT valve using one piece of hardware.

In addition to controlling and monitoring the previously mentioned applications, additional Intuitive expansion boards allow further control stages and/or introduce an oil management strategy, facilitating five sections of control and monitoring – low temperature compressor, high temperature compressor, gas cooler, oil for LT compressors, oil for HT compressors.

Resource Data Management

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