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Space saving, high volume icemaker

UK: Hubbard Systems’ new Scotsman icemaker is a modular cuber that’s designed to fit in the global 560mm/22in footprint. 

The NW308 is the latest in the NW Series and makes the classic six-sided 12g dice ice cube. It can also be supplied to make the 6g half-dice ice cube. 

Its space-saving footprint and the fact that it vents from the top makes it easier to build into tight gaps, with no need for side clearance. 

The NW Series uses Scotsman’s vertical evaporator to produce ice, which saves space and also delivers high ice production volume and low running costs.

The controls and alarms are all grouped in a smart panel on the front of the unit and day-to-day maintenance is easy. 

The NW308 is capable of producing up to 160kg of ice per day.  Being modular, it is designed to sit on top of an ice storage bin. Hubbard recommends two alternatives – the Scotsman SB193, which has a capacity of 129kg, or the SB322, which holds up to 168kg of ice. A light on the NW308 control panel tells the operator when the bin is full. 

The NW308 measures 558mm wide by 610mm deep and 609mm high (excluding the ice storage bin). It is available for next day delivery to most of the UK mainland, through Hubbard Systems’ dealer network. The list price is £3,244.

Hubbard Systems 

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