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Trane multi-pipe system upgrade

Trane-BalanceBELGIUM: Trane has announced the European launch of its second generation multi-pipe HVAC system, providing simultaneous heating and cooling.

The Trane Balance multi-pipe system is said to balance the supply and demand of heating and cooling in one simple system, recovering energy by shifting use from a separate boiler and chiller to one single, simplified multi-pipe unit that simultaneously delivers hot and chilled water.

The latest unit adds improvements and innovations to the system launched a little more than a year ago. The new range also extends the capacity of the multi-pipe systems up to 780kW for cooling and up to 880kW for heating and is available in four different efficiency levels.

Employing variable speed scroll compressor technology, the performance of the units is tested and validated in the Trane state-of-the-art testing facility in Epinal, France.


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