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Airedale-test-rigUK: A series of 100 days of air conditioning and refrigeration training are included in Airedale’s 2016 training programme.

The British manufacturer, which has been running courses since the 1980s, offers a range of professional and practical instruction at its CITB Construction Skills approved centre in Leeds and covers 37 separate sessions.

Courses are designed for all levels from starter to expert, and delivered by engineers with many years of experience. In addition to regulatory compliance, course topics range from how to install, commission and maintain systems to advanced techniques in maximising energy efficiency. To support theory-based instruction, the air conditioning, electrical and brazing workshop areas at Airedale’s dedicated training school allow valuable practical skills to be developed. Last year Airedale added two regulatory reassessment courses in F-Gas J11 and Essential & Refrigeration electrics which are said to have have proved to be very popular. 

For larger groups, Airedale will work with clients to design tailored sessions covering topics such as airflow in ducted systems, component identification and uses, psychrometrics, sound and sound measurement, and controls.

Airedale is also accredited by CIBSE to offer a range of on or off-site continuing professional development (CPD) programmes developed specifically for the needs of contractors, building service and consulting engineers interested in furthering their knowledge of data centre and HVAC technologies, with topics ranging from aisle containment to performance metrics and maximising energy efficiency.

The British manufacturer will also continue its training programme to clients, contractors, engineers and business partners throughout the Middle East which was attended by more than 100 individuals last year. 


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