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Servicing domestic hydrocarbon fridges

Secop-Vulkan-videoGERMANY: Compressor manufacturer Secop has worked with mechanical tube connection company Vulkan Lokring to produce a step-by-step video on how to service R600a and R290 Secop compressors in domestic refrigerators.

Recognising that a key challenge in the transition away from HFCs is training, the refrigeration duo point to estimates that only 10% of technicians are educated to handle natural refrigerants including CO2 (R744), ammonia (R717) and hydrocarbons (R600, R600a, R290).

The new Secop/Vulkan Lokring 17-minute video updates a previous video which received 51,000 views. It covers the following topics: 

Troubleshooting/how to check the refrigeration circuit
Refrigerant disposal (for natural refrigerant compressor models only)
Disassembling the compressor/filter dryer
Assembling the filter dryer/compressor with specific Lokrings
Leak testing
Evacuating and charging (0.060kg of R600a)
System checking/sealing/safety testing

Secop is the former Danfoss Household Compressor business acquired by German holding company Aurelius in 2010.

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