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FETA says EA needs more support

UK: The Federation of Environmental Trade Associations (FETA) says it will continue to highlight infringements of the F-gas regulations, particularly by online retailers.

The manufacturers’ group was reacting to the government’s response to the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) report on the UK’s progress on reducing F-gas emissions. FETA said would like to see both DEFRA and the Environment Agency given greater prioritisation for resources by central government.

The government had earlier rejected EAC and industry concerns that the Environment Agency (EA), the body responsible for policing the F-gas regulations, did not have the necessary resources available to tackle illegal refrigerant sales.

In addition, while FETA acknowledged that the government’s response showed willingness to work with industry on training, it believed it “lacks conviction” and maintains “that only mandatory qualifications offer any real prospect of immediate impact and enduring success”.

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