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AHRI heads campaign for HFC refrigerant phase down

USA: The US air conditioning and refrigeration association, AHRI, is behind a six-figure media campaign urging senators to support newly introduced legislation to reduce HFC refrigerants.

With support from the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy the campaign supports the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act introduced in October by Senators John Kennedy and Tom Carper. 

Faced by a Trump administration seemingly reluctant to ratify the Kigali Amendment, the legislation seeks to establish a national framework for the phase down of HFC refrigerants, while in the process promoting US technology and creating thousands of new jobs. The legislation currently has 22 total bipartisan co-sponsors from 16 states.

“Globally, markets are already starting to move away from HFCs,” said AHRI president and CEO Stephen Yurek. “A federal HFC phase down keeps US manufacturers in the driver’s seat during this transition, creating jobs here at home, expanding market share abroad, and stimulating significant investment in the US economy.”

The digital campaign started on Monday (December 2) and runs through to December 8 on the energy pages of POLITICO, CQ/Roll Call, and The Hill. Bill advocates will also sponsor a food truck that will visit Capitol Hill on Thursday, December 5.

“We are pleased with the strong and growing bipartisan support for the AIM Act, building momentum for claiming the jobs and trade benefits that a uniform Federal HFC phase down policy makes possible,” said Kevin Fay, executive director of the Alliance for Responsible Atmospheric Policy.

A recent industry economic study is said to have shown that a phase down of HFCs would create 33,000 new US manufacturing jobs, add $12.5bn per year to the US economy, and expand US exports in this sector by 25%.

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