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Cantas “shock” at illegal imports

TURKEY: Istanbul-based refrigerant supplier Cantas has reacted with shock to learn that its refrigerant is being imported into the UK in illegal non-refillable cylinders.

The illegal cylinders, which appear to originate from the Turkish company, is one of a number of brands turning up on the internet.

“We are very much aware of the strict regulations and guidelines about F-gas regulations in the EU and put a strong emphasis on not selling F-gas and any of the other refrigerants that require a quota directly to Europe, especially if the customers who ask for these refrigerants do not have quotas themselves,” a company spokesman said.

He explained that as a company of over 30 years standing, Cantas has a wide network of wholesalers and distributors not only in Turkey, but also in the neighbouring non-EU countries. “Therefore, the sale of such products in the EU are “grey market” sales, which we cannot control directly, and/or foresee beforehand,” he added.

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