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Chemours “disappointed” at R1234yf patent failure

USA/JAPAN: The recent R1234yf patent infringement lawsuit brought by Chemours against Japanese refrigerant manufacturer AGC was filed after a previous action failed in the Japanese courts.

As reported in the Cooling Post, Chemours filed a second lawsuit in Japan last Friday (November 12), alleging infringement of Chemours’ patents covering product compositions of the HFO refrigerant. 

Chemours has revealed that the second lawsuit was filed the day after the Japanese High Court ruled in favour of AGC in the case of the first litigation filed in November 2019.

Responding to questions from the Cooling Post, Chemours said in a statement today: “This second lawsuit is a continuation of legal action against AGC that started with a lawsuit filed in 2019. On November 11, 2021, the Japanese High Court ruled in favour of AGC in the first patent litigation. While we find it disappointing, the patent relates to the Japan market and does not affect Chemours’ overall patent position.”

AGC says that in the 2019 action its claim of patent invalidity was accepted by the court in both the first and second trial, resulting in a “complete rescinding” of Chemours’ lawsuit.

Furthermore, the Japanese manufacturer says it has filed invalidation proceedings against several of Chemours’ patents, and the patent office has disclosed the advance notice of trial decision that Chemours’ patents are invalid.

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