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Chemours to build HFO-1336mzz plant

288318USA: Chemours, along with its partner Changshu 3F Zhonghao, has broken ground on the world’s first full-scale production facility for HFO-1336mzz.

The site in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China, is expected to begin production of the low GWP foam expansion agent and refrigerant in the middle of 2017.

Already being sold by Chemours as the foam expansion agent Formacel 1100, HFO-1336mzz is also seen as a potential alternative refrigerant due to its low GWP, non-flammability, high efficiency and thermal stability.

Chemours says it is actively developing several new refrigerant fluids based on HFO-1336mzz technology for a variety of applications. These are known to include applcations as an alternative to R123 in traditional chiller systems, as well as in waste heat recovery using technologies such as high temperature heat pumps and organic rankine cycles.

According to Chemours,  the new fluids are showing promising results in customer lab and field trials.

“Breaking ground for our new HFO-1336mzz production facility paves the way for Chemours to add still more capacity to our industry-leading supply of products based on HFO technology,” said Thierry FJ Vanlancker, president, Chemours Fluoroproducts.

“HFO technologies represent a clear path towards reducing greenhouse gases while also enhancing performance,” commented Diego Boeri, Chemours Fluorochemicals’ global business director.

The joint venture was originally established in 2004 to produce the HFC blends R404A, R407C and R410A.

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