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Daikin 6hp ac employs R32 and aluminium coil

Daikin-Zeas-2JAPAN: Daikin is preparing for the Japanese launch of a range of commercial air conditioners up to 16kW, running on R32 and using an all-aluminium heat exchanger.

The new Five Star Zeas small commercial split, to be introduced in Japan on February 2, will feature what is described as a “double micro-channel” aluminium heat exchanger and use the new low GWP refrigerant R32 in preference to R410A. This combination of technologies has allowed Daikin to claim huge efficiency increases for the new units.

The all-aluminium heat exchanger is described as being designed with a large number of coolant passages of diameter less than 1mm with fins arranged side-by-side in two rows. The micro-channel technology also provides for a 25% reduction in refrigerant charge.


Above: a comparison of the current heat exchanger with the new micro-channel aluminium version  (click on image to enlarge)

A total of nine units from 1.5 to 6hp are being introduced with an expanded range of 12 indoor units.

At the beginning of this month, Mitsubishi Electric announced the European launch of an air conditioner with an aluminium heat exchanger but operating on the current refrigerant R410A.

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