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Danfoss reports strong growth in 2018

Kim Fausing: “strong growth for the second year in a row

DENMARK: Danfoss reports strong growth in 2018, with sales rising 7% to €6,098m.

Growth was reportedly strong in the major markets of North America, Europe and China and led to robust financial results with earnings (EBIT) of €648m. Net profit improved by €18m to €463m.

“For the second year in a row, Danfoss has seen strong growth. We continue to win market share as we are reaping the fruits of our targeted work with strategic growth initiatives and increased investments in leading technologies,” commented Danfoss president and CEO Kim Fausing. “Furthermore, our solutions are relevant to several strong global megatrends, such as increased electrification, urbanisation and solving climate-change challenges. These trends are driving a growing demand for smarter and more sustainable solutions, making Danfoss more relevant than ever before,” he added.

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