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MEHITS provides leaner structure


ITALY: Following news of Mitsubishi’s intended integration of its Climaveneta and DeLclima businesses, the company has revealed further details of the new group structure.

In a statement the company says that the move is aimed at simplifying the legal structure, reducing unnecessary costs for the corporate bodies and their relative administrative tasks, and streamlining and strengthening business support services.

As first revealed by the Cooling Post last month, the merger involves three companies – Climaveneta SpA, RC Group SpA, and DeLclima Finance Srl. The new company will be called Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems SpA (MEHITS) and will become operational from January 1, 2017.  The new company will also integrate the entire staff of MELCO Hydronics and IT Cooling SpA, the former corporate operational entity, previously known as DeLclima SpA.

RC and Climaveneta will remain as divisions and product brands but supported by the centralised administration, finance, HR, health-environment and safety, IT, quality, and purchasing.

Yoshiomi Araki: “decisive step”

The full-time members appointed to the board of directors, who will serve in key organisational roles in MEHITS, are Carlo Grossi (CEO and general manager), Yoshiomi Araki (vice president, sales and marketing and deputy GM), Hidekazu Tani (vice president, technology and quality) Vincenzo Maragliano (CFO), and Kotoku Nakauchi (corporate officer).

The chairman will be Yasumichi Tazunoki (senior general manager of Mitsubishi Electric Co, Living Environment & Digital Media Equipment Group).

The Board of Directors will also include Tadashi Matsumoto (group senior vice president of Mitsubishi Electric Co, Living Environment & Digital Media Equipment Group) and Masahiko Konishi (product marketing director of Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV).

By combining all of its resources, CFO Vincenzo Maragliano said: “We will become more efficient to better support the further development of the RC and Climaveneta brands.”

Describing the move as a “decisive step”, Yoshiomi Araki, vice president, sales and marketing and deputy GM, promised better synergies, adding that it created the additional opportunity for new lines of products with the highly regarded Mitsubishi Electric, Climaveneta and RC brands.

Carlo Grossi: “proud”

Hidekazu Tani revealed that for the Japanese culture, it is very important to be simple and linear. He maintained that the elimination of “muda”, or wastefulness, was the basis of the Japanese lean/kaizen culture. “We are working very well in mixed Italian and Japanese teams to accelerate innovation and to exchange the “best practices” in terms of quality,” he said.

CEO Carlo Grossi announced that the company was proud to carry the “prestigious Mitsubishi brand name” and was committed to adhere to excellence in quality and innovation.

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