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Panasonic cools sports spectators

JAPAN: Panasonic has installed an evaporative cooling system at four major Japanese sporting events this summer.

The air conditioning manufacturer’s Green Aircon Flex has featured in an Olympic beach volleyball test at Shiokaze Park, Tokyo, in July, and at a hockey test at Seaside Park Hockey Stadium, Tokyo, this month. It has also been cooling visitors to the 2019 World Rowing Junior Championships in Tokyo and will be deployed around the Tazawako Marathon course in September. 

Green Aircon Flex emits a dry, super fine mist comprised of microscopic particles measuring approximately 10μm in diameter. 

The system is said to be able to be installed and deinstalled very easily on the walls of outdoor facilities and on pipe tents as long as there is space and a power outlet. 

At the beach volleyball competition held at Shiokaze Park in July, the solution was installed at the entrance of the park helping provide relief to spectators traveling from the nearest train station to the park as well as athletes and park-goers.

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