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Sauermann acquires Chinese distributor Megatech

BELGIUM: Sauermann Group has acquired its long-standing Chinese distributor Megatech.

Megatech has been the exclusive distributor of Kimo Instruments products in China for over 10 years. According to Sauermann, the addition of Megatech vastly improves the company’s presence in the fast-growing Chinese marketplace.  

Serge Bohyn, CEO of Sauermann Group, said: “Sauermann Group has been expanding internationally for several years now, and we are very pleased to welcome new colleagues who know the Chinese market backwards and forwards. We are confident that this evolution in our business relationships in China will allow for growth in this key market of measuring instruments for IAQ.”

With this integration, Sauermann Group now has two Shanghai offices, with production and service facilities as well as a Beijing office, and over 50 employees in the region.

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