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Trane’s R1233zd(E) chiller is enviro award winner

Japan’s economy, trade and Industry parliamentary secretary Seki Yoshihiro (left) presents the award to Matsumura Kazumi of Trane’s development marketing strategy division

JAPAN: Trane’s CenTraVac chiller using the new low GWP HFO refrigerant 1233zd(E) has won a major Japanese government environmental award.

Trane’s chiller was one of a number of awards made at the 18th Ozone Layer Protection and Global Warming Prevention Technology Grand Prix at the end of August. The awards are organised by the daily business and technical newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, co-hosted by the Japanese Refrigerants and Environment Conservation Organisation (JRECO), and supported by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and Ministry of the Environment.

Series-E-CenTraVacThe Series E CenTraVac, the first chiller in the world to use the new HFO developed as an alternative to R123, won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Prize in this year’s awards. Its introduction was first announced in the Cooling Post in June last year.

A single component refrigerant, 1233zd(E) is considered non-flammable and has a GWP of 1. It was originally developed for use as a blowing agent but has also been found to be a high efficiency alternative  to R123.

Other winners at the awards included Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi Electric and Panasonic.

Coca-Cola won the Japanese Environment Ministry award for its commitment to switching from HFCs to “natural” refrigerants in its vending machines and point-of-sale equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric’s MELTEC total building system company was also awarded for the leak detection inspection contracts it is offering to customers in Japan. Faced with new laws that require refrigerant leaks to be reported, Mitsubishi is offering clients an inspection of the equipment, repair, and monitoring and recording of all leaks.

Panasonic won an award for the development of its CO2 supermarket refrigeration systems which includes two-stage rotary compressors, split heat exchanger, display cases and control systems. The combination of all these elements is said to have reduced refrigeration system power consumption in stores by 16.2% compared to R404A.

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