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25th October 2023

Water-cooled chiller heat pumps on R454B

ITALY: Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its range of Climaveneta brand NX2-W-G0 water-cooling chillers and heat pumps for interior installation with the A2L refrigerant R454B. 
20th October 2023

Superheat management

DENMARK: Danfoss has introduced the EKE 100 range of superheat controllers and valve drivers.
9th October 2023

Airedale adds R32 heat pump chillers

UK: Airedale by Modine has announced the addition of AlphaChill, a scalable, low-GWP, reversible heat pump chiller range, to its new series of cooling solutions. 
4th October 2023

Data centre offers air, water and immersion cooling

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has developed a container-type data centre with a hybrid cooling system comprising immersion cooling, air cooling and water cooling.  Being capable…
2nd October 2023

AHT adds R290 refrigerators and freezers

AUSTRIA: Commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer AHT has expanded its product family to include new vertical refrigerators and freezers.
29th September 2023

Q-Ref debuts KIBO chiller on R1234ze

FRANCE: A new French company, Q-Ref, has entered the refrigeration market with a chiller using Turbocor compressor technology and R1234ze refrigerant. 
24th September 2023

Propane chiller in 2-pipe and 4-pipe versions

ITALY: The new modular two-pipe and four-pipe air-to-water propane chillers and heat pumps from Enex Technologies company Emicon are designed for a wide range of applications.
24th September 2023

Panasonic extends air purification technology

EUROPE: Panasonic has extended the use of its Nanoe X Mark 3 air purification technology to its MU2 90x90 air conditioning cassettes and the MF3 adaptive ducted units.
21st September 2023

York brings R454B heat pump to US market

USA: Johnson Controls has adopted the lower GWP R410A alternative R454B for its next generation York YMAE air-to-water heat pump for the North American market. 
20th September 2023

Small-format refrigerant leak detector

SWEDEN: Samon has introduced a small-format refrigerant leak detector for OEM applications, typically for heat pumps and refrigerated display cases to provide evaporator-level detection.
18th September 2023

Turbocor targets data centres

DENMARK: Danfoss has expanded its oil-free Turbocor compressor portfolio to include high-capacity solutions for use in comfort cooling, high ambient environments and data centre applications.
17th September 2023

SWEP PHE for transcritical CO2 applications

SWEDEN: SWEP is launching the new B285H heat exchanger for transcritical CO2 applications.
15th September 2023

Octopus gives heat pumps a new look

UK: Renewable energy provider Octopus has launched a radical new design of heat pump as part of a complete smart heating system.
13th September 2023

Williams reduces blast chilling/freezing times

UK: Williams Refrigeration's new reach-in blast chillers and blast chiller/freezers are said to offer significant improvements over previous models.
6th September 2023

ULT freezer on hydrocarbon refrigerant

JAPAN: A Japanese medical equipment company has developed a -85℃ ultra-low temperature freezer operating on hydrocarbon refrigerants.
4th September 2023

Carrier launches high temperature heat pumps

FRANCE: Carrier has introduced a comprehensive new line of high temperature and very high temperature heat pumps using low GWP HFO refrigerants.
1st September 2023

Daikin mid-temperature A2W split heat pump 

BELGIUM: Daikin Europe has announced the arrival of the Daikin Altherma 3 R MT, a mid-temperature refrigerant split heat pump.
27th August 2023

“Universal” refrigeration oil launched

JAPAN: A Japanese lubricating oil manufacturer has launched a mineral refrigeration oil which the company claims is compatible with the majority of refrigerants. 
23rd August 2023

Panasonic adds R290 Aquarea Bi-Bloc heat pump

UK: Panasonic continues to expand its propane heat pump portfolio with the addition of Bi-Bloc units to its Aquarea L Series, providing heating, DHW and cooling as required.
22nd August 2023

Mitsubishi expands “emotional” AC technology

JAPAN: Mitsubishi Electric in Japan has announced the expansion of its “world first” emotion conditioning technology to 30 models of its Kirigamine FZ, FD, Z and ZD air conditioners.
13th August 2023

Multi-purpose NPG series uses R32

ITALY: The NPG series is a new range of multi-purpose air-water units using R32 for both 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems.